ALLNET ALL-VPN20 / VPN/Firewall Dual-WAN Router

ALLNET ALL-VPN20 / VPN/Firewall Dual-WAN Router
ALLNET ALL-VPN20 / VPN/Firewall Dual-WAN Router
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The ALLNET ALL-VPN20 is a QoS VPN Firewall router for Small Business & Internet Cafe. It can... more
Product information "ALLNET ALL-VPN20 / VPN/Firewall Dual-WAN Router"

The ALLNET ALL-VPN20 is a QoS VPN Firewall router for Small Business & Internet Cafe. It can realize bandwidth aggregation by connecting to additional ADSL or fiber optical line as containing 2-WAN design. In the meantime, 2-WAN delivers the functionality of Load Balancing that is, according to sessions or IP addresses, each line gets the average utilization at the same time, realizing an optimization of bandwidth usage. Also, with the support of hardware NAT acceleration, users could visit the internet more quickly even when there are around 50 PCs in LAN.

Besides, ALL-VPN20 is a highly integrated device with powerful firewall and management system. It also supports multiple VPN protocols such as IPSec/PPTP/SmartLink, which helps users establishing VPN more flexibly. This router’s easy-to-use GUI management interface allows you to manage the whole network without the requirement of deep network knowledge. You can easily control the utilization of valuable network resources.

High-speed & High-efficiency

·Embedded with MIPS64 network processor which is able to reach 100Mbps bi-direction transmitting speed.

·Supporting 30,000 sessions and being capable to handle 50~100 PCs without stagnation.

·Build-in 2 WAN ports, 4 LAN ports to help businesses build backbone network.

·Featured ALLNET exclusive Green Tunnel to accelerate packet transmitting speed in times.

Multi-WAN Ports

·Realizing Bandwidth Averaging with 2 WAN ports and reserving the possibility of bandwidth expansion in the future.

·Supporting Optical Fiber or ADSL access/PPPoE/Cable Modem/FTTX and other kinds of protocols.

·Supporting 3 Balance modes: Session-based, IP-based, and Strategy Routing to optimize bandwidth usage. Strategy Routing specially solves cross-net bottleneck problem for different ISPs access.

·Featured auto line back-up: switch all the sessions from dropped line automatically to another to keep an always on-line network.


·Providing up to 40 IPSec VPN connections; IPSec/3DES’s operational efficiency reaching 76Mbps.

·Providing comprehensive IPSec VPN with DES/3DES/AES encryptions, MD5/SHA1 identifications and automatically/manually IKE Pre-Share Key exchanges.

·Supporting IPSec VPN in Gateway to Gateway or Client to Gateway.

·Supporting NATT to translate IPSec ESP packets into UDP packets to pass through SOHO routers using in most of small offices.

·Passing VPNC’s authentication and collocating with other VPN devices.

·Possessing VPN Heartbeat to maintain a more stable VPN connection and being compatible for VPN tunnels among different VPN devices.


·Providing up to 10 PPTP VPN connections.

·Displaying status of PPTP VPN connections.

·Allowing using Windows2000/XP embedded PPTP client to dial to router.

QoS Bandwidth Management

·Featured Smart QoS with dynamic bandwidth management to automatically control P2P and video downloading and other bandwidth hogging to avoid bandwidth insufficient.

·Allocating bandwidth according to different time periods to fit into diverse network environments.

·Prioritizing different person/group or applications in bandwidth using for a better reasonable management.

Powerful Firewall

·Reaching superior performances with 100Mbps bi-direction transmitting rate with firewall enabled.

·Supporting Stateful Packet Inspection to deny or block non-standard protocol connections aiming at Worm Blaster, Trojan, DoS Attack and other kind of threatens via dynamic detection of the network layer by filtering the passing-by packets from bi-directions in the 1st place.

·Featured Auto ARP Bi-biding in an integrated managing UI to simplify the cumbersome configurations in preventing the ARP attack, improving the efficiency & decreasing the maintenance cost.

Online Behavior Management

·Deploying One-Click restricting of QQ, MSN, and P2P applications to save time & energy while reserving 5 exempt groups for certain users.

·Setting access rule and schedule to manage staffs’ online behavior.

·Supporting file blocking such as Exe, Flash, Jpeg, Mp3, Pdf, Png, Rar, Zip and so on to avoid bandwidth misusage during working hours.


·Supporting dynamic DNS services like DynDNS.

·Supporting DDNS service updating synchronously to simplify the management.

Easy-to-Use System Management

·Helping administrators to record the change/abnormal of the whole network’ status and take actions according to the log information.

·Supporting remote management by web browser with user name and password to realize router management from remote places.

·Characterized easy to setup with clear configuration steps and plain GUI. Administrators can adjust the configurations quickly and simply.



Network Processor

MIPS64 Processor





Network Interface

WAN Port


DMZ Port

1 (WAN2/DMZ)

LAN Port





NAT Throughput


VPN Throughput


Multi-WAN Traffic Control

Network Detection & Fail Over

Load Balance Mode

Session/Advanced Session/IP

WAN Connection

DHCP IP Assignment

Fixed IP Assignment



Transparent Bridge

QoS Bandwidth Management

Smart QoS

Guarantee & Maximum Bandwidth

Session Control by IP


VPN Tunnel

Max 20 IPSec





VPN Pass-through

NAT Traversal( NATT)

Heart Beat Detection


Max 10 Clients

On-line Control

Block Java/Cookies/ActiveX/HTTP Proxy

Block QQ MSN Yahoo Messenger

Block File

General Functions

Numbers of DHCP Assignable IP

2 Class C

PPPoE Server

30 Users

One-to-One NAT

DMZ/Virtual Server




Access Control



System Administration

SNMP( v1, v2)

ORTG Graphic Statistics

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